AMITI is no.1 course provider for CMA Training in UAE

AMITI is no.1 course provider for CMA Training in UAE

The Best recognized Training Center in UAE  for CMA Corporate In-House Training

This year, AMITI was awarded several in-house training courses which recognizes the center as the best place for Corporate In-House Training not only for best practice methods and professionalisim but also for brining good results for corporations.
“We successfully delivered the course at ADU among other in-house training courses and the results were as always successful. However, the turnaround this time was the fast graduations of ADU employees but clearing the CMA parts quickly and in one go. This is going to be a case study for future IHT in the market, to make them benefit from AMITI-ADU style of delivering corporate in-house training.”
Helcon Galeno, Course Manager, AMITI

14 CMA’s in 2014 in Abu Dhabi studied at AMITI

A record breaking number of CMA’s graduate from AMITI in 2014. The learning system coupled with Top Caliber instructors and a professional study ambiance makes it ultimate for AMITI students to be more than ready for the examination and easily pass their certification.
“I am lucky to benefit from AMITI’s resources. The staff is extremely helpful and available for support at all time. The instructors’ Experiences aided me in understanding the material and I appreciate their availability and swift comply. Simply, AMITI is the home of the Best CMA Preparation Course in UAE. ”
Nadeem Al Katheeri, CMA, ENEC

The only Preferred Training Institute by IMA Abu Dhabi Chapter

With a complete portfolio of preparation for CMA course and Continuing Professional Education support, AMITI has gained the trust of IMA Abu Dhabi Chapter and is working hand in hand for providing the best awareness on CMA certificate and increase value proposition for corporation.
“AMITI is the best training institute for CMA course preparation in Abu Dhabi. this is proven by the results and by the great efforts towards achieving the mission and vision of the IMA. They are helping us to increase the awareness on the certificate and motivate the candidates to pass their exams from first attempt. AMITI should be the role model for other training institute in UAE in order to learn how to achieve good results.”
Sami Barakeh, Vice President Treasury, IMA Abu Dhabi Chapter 

Recruiting many CMA’s in the job market

AMITI is the first and most important center where professionals can network in the job market. Whether they are professional seeking a new career or head hunters looking for employees, the first and best place to meet is at AMITI. Since AMITI is keen on making more development to this aspect, in order to organize it, we created a tool: JOBS.AMITI.CO where professionals can meet to fulfill their career needs: Employers can find professional certified personnel and Candidates can apply for great job opportunities that best suit their careers.
“During my studies at AMITI, I received several approaches from instructors and colleagues in the class. Before even I graduated I did several job interviews and later decided to change my job. This was really rewarding” Adil Ahmed, CMA

The CMA Program provides an objective measure of individual’s knowledge and competence in management accounting. The Certification will confirm your proficiency in the Finance and Accounting Field and your dedication to personal and professional Growth.

AMITI Advantages:

  1. AMITI is the Only Authorized provider of Gleim Publications US
  2. AMITI Provides High Caliber Certified Instructors
  3. Executive Support and Application Processing
  4. Convenient Packages that best suit your level and budget

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Classes has started in Dubai & Abu Dhabi on January 2015, for more information click here.

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