CMA Part 1 Preparation

CMA Part 1 Preparation

The CMA Financial Planning Part 1 classes are twice a week / 3 hours every session in Dubai or Abu Dhabi

CMA Credentials Benefits

  • Faster to achieve (can be attained within 6 months)
  • Less Expensive to get the credentials
  • Professional Designation and on-the-job required to boost your career
  • More Relevant in several sectors

AMITI Advantages:

  1. AMITI is the Only Authorized provider of Gleim Publications USA in UAE
  2. AMITI Provides High Caliber Certified Instructors
  3. AMITI  Handles Eligibility and Evaluation Advice and Applications
  4. Executive Support and Documentation Processing
  5. Convenient Packages that best suit your level and budget:
    1. Membership and Entrance Package: 240 U$D only
    2. Course Full Package: 8250 AED
    3. Course Full Package Installment : 9900 AED 3 installments (3300 AED each)

Having questions and you don’t know from where to start? Take this opportunity to meet UAE’s experts in CMA eligibility, by replying to this email. No other source can give you this level of Information, guidance and support click here.

Book Your Seat Now!

CMA Part 1 in Dubai

Lecture on:
Saturday 30 Jan @ 6pm
DKV Block 19, Office T11

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